In a nutshell

SANDS is a real-time navigation and reporting system designed specifically for low-altitude aerial surveys. It provides navigation information to the pilot, showing the real-time location of the aircraft relative to the survey segment they need to fly over. It can be configured to automatically capture geo-located high-resolution images and gas-sensing data. It can also locate images taken from a handheld camera and has the capability of real-time in-flight reporting.

SANDS offerings

SANDS Visual:  Designed for visual surveys where an operator takes images with a handheld camera and uploads real-time reports.
SANDS Imaging:  Designed for visual surveys with an automated nadir-viewing high-resolution camera(s) mounted in the aircraft.
SANDS Sensing:  Designed for imaging of leaked natural gas plumes and high-resolution visual imaging of pipelines.

Watch and listen to a snippet of our presentation about the benefits of this technology.

Watch the eight-minute video below and find out more info that will make your survey more efficient and safer moving forward.

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